Debt Stacking

By taking into account the interest rate and amount of debt, debt stacking identifies a way for you to pay off your debts. You begin by making consistent payments on all of your debts. The debt that debt stacking suggests that you pay off first is called your target account.

When you pay off the target account, you roll the amount you were paying toward your next target account. As each debt is paid off, you continue this process. Debt stacking allows you to make the same total monthly payment each month toward all of your debt and works best when you do not accrue any new debts.

You continue this process until you have paid off all of your debts. When you finish paying off your debts, you can apply the amount you were paying towards your debt toward creating wealth and financial independence!

Debt stacking optimizes our total monthly payment by focusing on paying off each debt in an efficient manner. As each debt is paid off, that payment is applied to the next debt in the plan until all debts are paid off. Neither Primerica nor its representatives are certified or registered financial planners or tax advisors and do not offer or provide services such as credit repair or improvement, budget planning, debt or credit counseling, debt management or settlement or other similar services.