While other financial services companies typically focus on the wealthy, Primerica serves Main Street families in neighborhoods all across North America.

We take an educational approach and offer financial tools to help our clients reach their goals. The complimentary Financial Needs Analysis asks all the right questions to identify exactly where a family is on the path to their goals, and then suggests Primerica solutions that both fit their needs and budget, and help them stay on track for those dreams.

Featuring The Walters

Mike & Haley Walter

Mike and Haley Walter live in the small, 8,300 resident farm town of Pleasant Hill, MO. Mike works as an auto body technician while Haley is a stay at home mom for their four children. They knew their finances were in a "state of havoc" prior to their experience with Primerica, but they weren't sure what to do about it. "We had the desire to get ourselves on track to meet our goals and to become properly protected, but we felt overwhelmed and really just needed direction," recalls Haley. "We only had minimal life insurance offered through Mike's work, and we had a lot of debt."

Their Primerica rep started out with a complimentary Financial Needs Analysis (FNA), which gave the couple a better understanding of where they were... and outlined a step by step game plan they could implement to help them reach their goals. "We now have a reassurance about where we're going that we did not have before," says Haley. "We have a Company behind us and a representative beside us literally every step of the way. And we finally have direction! It is such a good feeling knowing that we are now able to handle whatever life gives us without being buried in the process."