Updating Your Plan

Can I update balances on my debts?
Yes, when you access your Fast Pay Plan, you will be prompted to update the balances on your debts. This will allow the Fast Pay Plan to recalculate your projected payoff date so that you can determine if you are still on track.

What can I change in my plan?
You can change the details of any account in your Fast Pay Plan, just as you did when you created your initial plan. However most changes require creation of a new plan. These changes include:

Any of these changes will require a new Fast Pay Plan to be calculated with a new payment schedule.

What if I want to get out of debt even sooner?
You can add an additional commitment amount to your Fast Pay Plan. It will apply those additional funds toward the payoff of your debts and show you the new projected payoff date. You can also enter a date that you want to be debt free and the Fast Pay Plan will calculate how much more money you would need to add to your plan each month.

At any time, you may increase or decrease that commitment amount in your plan. When you change your commitment amount, your Total Monthly Payments will be updated and a new Fast Pay Plan will be calculated with a new pay off date and payment schedule.

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