"This company changed my life. At Primerica, you can achieve great things and you can be true to yourself."
- Sebastien & Kathie Beaudry

“I joined Primerica when I was 21 because I had decided I never wanted to work for someone else again. I am a very energetic, passionate person and I didn’t fit in in the corporate world. This company changed my life. At Primerica, you can achieve great things and you can be true to yourself.”

Sebastien & Kathie Beaudry, Blainville, QC

“I never dreamed I’d be doing so well in this business when I joined 17 years ago. I was just looking for a way to get out of the construction industry and what I found was an environment where you’re constantly encouraged to do better for yourself. At Primerica, anyone can reach their full potential!”

Gery & Lori Bittner, Pickering, ON

“The Primerica Business Opportunity changed my and my family’s life. We came to this country as immigrants. We left everything behind and had to start over. We have always worked hard but lived in poverty before Primerica. Now, we still work hard but we’re actually seeing big results! Because of Primerica, we have our dignity back and we've changed our lives forever.”

Naz & Daywan Brijmohan, Toronto, ON

“As a client, Primerica changed my life financially. So when I heard about the Primerica Business Opportunity, I knew this was my chance to help other people change their lives.”

Florence & Gordon Cormier, Port Colborne, ON

“Before Primerica, I hadn’t saved anything for the future. I was working with no hope of ever retiring. When I joined Primerica part-time, what immediately impressed me was the financial education I was getting.* Now, my wife and I have started saving money and we’re getting to help other people like ourselves find out how money works!”

Murray Gammel & Cathy Brooks, Calgary, AB

“I have a great life, family and business because of Primerica. Every day I spend time with quality people in my office who have the same goals as me – to help our clients have better lives. I’ve seen how Primerica has impacted our clients and the people I care about, and it makes me very happy!”

Bobby & Candy Gocool, North York, ON

“Primerica is the vehicle that has allowed me to become the person I want to be. This business has shown me a better way of life. It’s allowed me to put my kids into private school and build the kind of lifestyle I’ve always wanted for my family. Plus, the more I do in this business, the more I can give back to my community.”

George & S. Hecimovic, Surrey, BC

“Primerica has given us the freedom and opportunity to make choices that aren’t based on money. Not only that, but we have a business that we can hand down through generations that has a positive impact on others in the same way it impacts our lives.”

Arleigh & Fern Larson, Calgary, AB

“Building a Primerica business is such an incredibly inspiring opportunity. The more people you help, the more people you want to help. It’s been an incredible ride for us. We are financially independent because of this company – and, most importantly, we get to make a real difference in our community at the same time!”

Ken & Berniece O’Dell, Grande Prairie, AB

“Before Primerica, I went to work every day to a job I hated, in an environment where I was never encouraged to have goals and dreams. Now, because of Primerica, I love going to work every morning. I am making a great income, am debt free, have an emergency fund and savings. Primerica changed my life.”

Vincent Savard & Agnes Park, Dartmouth, NS

*The part-time option is not available in all jurisdictions, and, where it is available, is subject to certain restrictions.