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Consumer Assistance Centre
The life and health insurance industry has operated a toll-free information service about life and health insurance companies and their products for over 30 years. The CLHIO Consumer Assistance Centre is staffed by counsellors with extensive experience and knowledge, and is available in English and French (1-800-268-8099 English; 1-800-361-8070 French).

Consumer Publications
The life and health insurance industry makes available practical consumer guides on a wide range of life and health insurance products. These publications contain useful information and advice on products, the kind of coverage that is available, how to select and deal with an intermediary, and many other practical tips. Available publications include:

A Guide to Life Insurance
A Guide to Supplementary Health Insurance
Health Insurance for Travellers: What you should know before leaving Canada
Disability Insurance: Where Will the Money Come From if You're Disabled?
A Guide to Segregated Fund Contracts

Consumer Code of Ethics
Since 1990, all life and health insurance companies that are members of the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association have undertaken to adhere to the Consumer Code of Ethics as a condition of membership. This Code focuses on fair treatment of consumers through a competitive marketplace, clear and straightforward advertising, competent sales and services, and respecting the privacy of consumers.